Why ExceedBuy?

At ExceedBuy.com we have always set
out to be the kind of company that we would want to deal with if we were

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making an online purchase. Consequently, we take security and customer service very seriously and appreciate the trust placed in us by all of our customers when making a purchase.

Our Products

All our products are carefully selected and of the highest quality and checked before dispatch. We aim to stock the highest quality brands of baby products!


The ExceedBuy store has one main goal in mind. We aim to offer quality, unique and affordable children's products to parents,

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grandparents, family and friends who will be delighted to purchase (or receive as a gift) one of our products.

Welcome to ExceedBuy

We established ExceedBuy, to offer babies aged 3-36 months PREMIUM QUALITY products, in addictive TRENDY DESIGNS that will make your little treasure shine!

All our products are certified and tested by third-party laboratories.

ExceedBuy was founded in 2017 by Lucachi Bogdan.

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Baby Ear Muffs

Unisex Hearing Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones

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People Says...

Great quality for the price! They not only fit my two year old but would also fit an adult in a pinch. I know they will work for my kid for may years to come. They block out loud noise but not so much that you cannot hear anything. Buy these of you are considering it, they are well worth the price!

Alberto Duncan

My 7 month old daughter came to a concert with us and was able to sleep through part of it with her headphones on. She did not mind them at all. She normally starts crying if the noise is too loud. I am excited to be able to use these for fireworks and other loud events!

Joana Silva

I would recommend this product to anyone with young kids in a loud situation. We used them for my 6 month old daughter at a baseball game and she was able to fall asleep and take a good nap with these on. GREAT PRODUCT!

Ashley Kevin
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